How to know if your teenager is abusing drugs

How to know if your teenager is abusing drugs

Sometimes, when addiction is developing, it might be hard to spot especially if you’re not watchful enough.

If you’re not really close to your teenager, you may not even know that they are abusing drugs. However, when you know your teenager’s behaviors, mood, interests, and the likes, you will be able to tell if something is wrong or not.

If you are suspecting whether your teenager is abusing drugs or not, this post is for you. With the signs listed in this post, you will be able to tell if your teenager is hooked on drugs.

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Changes in personality

One of the ways to tell if your teenager is abusing drugs is when there is a personality change. And this is primarily because almost all their attention will be fixated on drugs instead of other aspects of their lives.

For instance, you may notice that they will record bad grades on tests and quizzes because they barely dedicate time to study.

They may also display aggressive behavior towards their peers and the people around them. When it comes to social interactions, they may find every opportunity to avoid them. This means that they will prefer to isolate themselves than to stay around people.

Physical signs

Just like any sickness, abusing drugs or getting addicted to them affects the body physically. Therefore, if anyone is abusing drugs, you may notice some physical changes in their bodies.

Some of these physical signs include bloodshot eyes, poor hygiene, nosebleeds, weight loss/gain, sores on the mouth, swollen face, etc.

Possession of drug-related items

If you observe that your child is in the possession of items that people use to take drugs, then it is one of the most definitive signs. Some of these items may include smoking pipes, syringes, hypodermic needles, cigarette lighters, etc.

When you discover that your teen is abusing drugs, it is best to get help from a trained professional. If you ignore your teenager and feel that they will outgrow it, you may be wrong about this assumption.

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