Reasons why teenagers are addicted to substances

Reasons why teenagers are addicted to substances

The teenage phase is a stage where adolescents are likely to make decisions that can make or mar their lives. This is why they need all the love, care, and guidance they can get.

One of the realities in this current age is, many teenagers are addicted to substances. The sad part is, there’s not much help for them.

To help these teenagers, it is important to know why they are addicted in the first place. Here are some reasons responsible for substance addiction among teenagers.

  • Peer pressure

Many teenagers begin to abuse substances and eventually become addicted because of the pressure to fit in.   

Since many of their peers are abusing substances, they feel the need to attempt their usage. And some of them become addicted in the process. A good number of teenagers are struggling with low self-esteem, this is why they try to fit in.

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  • To feel great

For substances like drugs and alcohol, there is a euphoric feeling that comes with using them. Hence, many teenagers are addicted to these substances because of the constant need to always feel good.

Underneath this desire to feel better, lies different issues that they are struggling with. Many of them are unable to get help for these issues, and they rely on substances instead of short-term relief.

  • To experiment

Teenagers are naturally curious individuals, this is why some of them want to find out the big deal about some of these substances. Eventually, they end up getting addicted because they savored what they discovered.

Taking on daring and dangerous activities is one of the highlights of a teenager’s life, and experimenting with these substances is something they are likely to do.

  • Lack of knowledge

Many teenagers don’t know that there are several negative effects of substance abuse. They focus more on the positive aspects only to learn later that several adverse effects come with it.

At that time, it might have been too late to back out because their brain’s reward system has been distorted.

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